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2 story, 14 foot escape ladder, steel construction tested to 1,125 lbs.

Two-story folding residential fire escape ladders easily deploy from standard windowsills. Escape ladder folds for compact storage. Residential fire escape ladder is fully assembled and ready to use. 14-foot length. Strong steel construction tested to 1,125 lbs. Tested to ASTM standards. 6-year limited warranty


LH002 – Fuel Tablets

For use in solid fuel stoves, barbeques, and campfires. Made for StanSport Fold-A-Stove (LH001). Burns clean without odor and ignites easily. 24 fuel tablets included.


LH001 – Portable Stove With 24 Fuel Tablets

Features: Folds up into a compact unit for easy storage. Fuel tablets burn without odor and ignite easily. Opens to two cooking positions. Made of durable plated steel. 24 fuel tablets included. weight 8.5 oz


L22A – The Survival Candle

Features: Lightweight and compact Burns up to 36 hours (With one wick lit) Burns up to 12 hours (With three wicks lit) Variable light (by the number of wicks lit) weight 4 oz


L21 – Waterproof Matches

Box of 40 (40 matches per box) Great for camping, hiking, and outdoor survival. Unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions. Match box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating.


Earthquake Cabinet 60 Person

Contents: 60- mayday foodbars 3600 calories 720- pouch water 125ml 15- light sticks 60- rescue blankets 1- radio flashlight 60- toilet tissues 4-matches waterproof 50/box 1-tarp poly 8’x10′ 1 st.john pocket guide 1-level 2 first aid kit 4-rolled splints 4-eye pads 100-tidy up cleaners 100-bzk antiseptic wipes 4-whistles 1-vice grips 60-respirator 12-power grip glove 1-crow bar […]


N-EQK-10P Earthquake Kit 10 Person/Rubbermaid Box

Contents: 10-mayday foodbars 3600 calories 60-aqua blox water 8.5oz tetra pak 4-respirators/dust 10-rescue blankets 6-light sticks 10-garbage bags 3-toilet tissues 1-matches waterproof 1-water purification tablets/50 1-st. john pocket first aid guide 4-leather fitters gloves 4-goggles 100′-poly yellow rope 1-tarp 8’x10′ 1-knife multi bit 1-shovel folding 1-crow bar 1-vice grips 1-duct tape 2-flashlights w/batteries 1-basic first […]